Society is increasingly developing, consumers are more interested in the development of thinking and physical for children.
A keyword “education for children” is always among the top searched words on the Internet. With the desire of children to be smart and healthy is always the dream of parents.

Therefore, many programs, workshops or courses on education and orientation for children are born.

As parents, in addition to worrying about how to develop a complete physical, they also want their children to be smart and agile. Research has shown that toys play a very important role in the development of children. Through the use of toys, children can learn everything to happen around them as well as develop their minds and emotions, so the choice of toys for children are always of special interest to parents.

Currently, unknown toys which are rampant in the Vietnamese market. It has attracted many parents about new designs, and beautiful colors toys. It also seriously affected the health, psychology, as well as the spirit of children when exposed to goods unknown origin. Be careful in choosing and be the smart consumer.

Understanding the anxiety of parents when choosing toys for children, Long Thuy Co., Ltd. was born with the desire to bring “made in Vietnam” toys which are really safe for children’s health. Besides, it can help children creatively intelligent in a comprehensive way.
Long Thuy Co., Ltd. always thinks “Safe and Friendly” to help children to grow in all aspects and build trust in parents about high – quality toys that are the leading factor in our products. We would like to raise the concerns of our parents when committed to providing absolutely safe products at the best price possible, as a gift for your little one.

In addition to educational value, it promotes the development of natural thinking. Long Thuy Co., Ltd. also creates a distinctive highlight for our product line. Not only focus on improving intelligence for children with creative products excited, the product line of Long Thuy -LT company is carefully devoted to developing the emotional as well as the spirit of the child. It is a comprehensive development for children with the motto “Play fun, learn smart” of Long Thuy Co., Ltd.
With the desire: “All Vietnamese children can use Vietnamese toys”, as well as long-term desire Long Thuy Co., Ltd will be a companion in the development of children. We are constantly exploring, researching and offering a wide range of products, diverse designs, serving different ages of children. Especially, we are very focused on the product line for “Early education”.
We hope to continue to receive the enthusiastic support of parents and children, to make toys more and more Vietnamese brand as well as get a higher position in the market domestic and foreign.